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About BBLC!

brightbeginings1Dear Families,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Bright Beginnings Learning Centre Learning Centres.

We are a privately owned family orientated centre that aims to provide an exceptionally high level of care and education for each and every child entrusted to our care.

We have a deep appreciation of the significance of developing each child’s potential at their own pace during early childhood years. Our devoted Teams aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment, full of stimulating experiences and discoveries.

Commencing child care can be a challenging experience for families and you should not feel alone in going through the normal anxieties that families feel.

We are committed to constantly improving the care and education we provide children so if you have any suggestions at all please do not hesitate to raise them with our teams or management. We embrace feedback for positive change.

Our Centres

brightbeginings2Bright Beginnings Learning Centres Provide Long Day Care and Preschool Programs in;

  1. Guildford – 66 Cross Street Guildford,   Ph: 9632 2229
  2. Glendenning- 17 Ainsley Avenue Glendenning, Ph: 9677 1111
  3. Bexley- 8 Mimosa Street Bexley,   Ph: 9593 0930
  4. Old Guildford- 1 Shackel Avenue Old Guildford, Ph: 9632 1122
  5. Middleton Grange- 95 Southern Cross Drive Middleton Grange, Ph: 9721 2020

We strive to ensure the excellence in care and education for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age!

We are committed to providing stimulating learning activities based on each child’s individual strengths in our incredible purpose built facilities!

Our aim is to provide high quality care and rich leaning environments that are responsive to the needs of each child and their families that incorporate each child’s social, environmental and physical development.

We are open for ten and half hours per day, 52 weeks per year (except public holidays).

We provide a state of the art, secure and happy environment where children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic skills to become competent and confident individuals!

Our Philosophy!

bright-beginnings6At Bright Beginnings Learning Centre we believe that every child is an active, capable and competent learner. We believe that the learning environment must be challenging, interesting, and safe and have connections with all families and the wider community.

We believe in developing a meaningful Curriculum for Children that encourages each child to:-

  • have a strong sense of identity,
  • feel connected with and contribute to their world
  • have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • be a confident and involved learner
  • be effective communicators

This takes time, reflection and input from the children, teachers, families and the wider community.

Bright Beginnings Learning Centres are committed to providing an outstanding nurturing and educational environment by supporting and encouraging the discovery and awakening of the children’s emerging interests and potential abilities and carefully cultivating the development of the children’s natural talents and abilities. It is therefore our aim to:

  • Ensure each child feels that our environment is safe, secure and trusting.
  • Provide educational and stimulating based environments that support the children sense of wonder and love of learning that enables each child to develop intellectual abilities at their own pace.
  • Treat all children equally regardless of sex, colour, race or religious beliefs.
  • Support children’s social and emotional wellbeing by making them conscious of their emotions they may be experiencing and guiding them to express them in socially acceptable manner.
  • Promote self-expression through all areas of learning e.g. language, music, art etc. with the emphasis being placed on the process rather than the end result.
  • Provide opportunities for all children to create a positive approach to themselves, each other and the world around them.
  • Promote healthy, physical child by providing healthy, well-balanced fresh foods and physical activities throughout the day.

But most importantly, our aim is to ensure it is a place where children are excited about their day at Bright Beginnings Learning Centre, they sense the warmth of our welcome, and are made to feel individual and special. We follow the National Quality Framework and its Standards to ensure the best care and education possible.

We believe in fun, comfort and creating memories with your children and family that will last a life time!

Our Commitment to Quality Education and Practices!

brightbeginings3Bright Beginnings Learning Centre believes in employing only the best educators who are committed to the industry. We have our own ongoing training scheme which ensures all our educators are kept up to date with new teaching strategies and resources.

We have developed our quality improvement plans to be embedded in our daily practices and based around the needs of our children, their families and the community as a whole.

We ensure all our resources and classrooms are kept up to date and well maintained, ensuring all of our children have access to only the best resources.

Our Teams of Educators!

At Bright Beginnings Learning Centre, we know that the most important factor in our contribution to your child’s happiness and education is the quality of Our Team! Educators at Bright Beginnings Learning Centres welcome you and your child with a smile. We therefore go to great lengths to attract and retain the best with initiatives including above award conditions, extensive training and career development. Our team has highly qualified staff, with extensive experience and specialised skills.

Our educators are not only selected based on their experience and qualifications but also on their compassionate and caring nature. Our team embraces Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics, sharing its central values of respect, social and cultural responsiveness and education. We believe in providing the highest quality of care by creating an environment that is nurturing and inclusive.

Our educator’s qualifications and experience help us understand each child’s needs so we can approach with sensitivity in a gentle and considerate way.

Our educators are committed to their personal and professional development and to regularly evaluating their childcare practices.

Our Curriculum Program!

bright-beginnings7At Bright Beginnings Learning Centre, our Teams are committed to ensure that our Programs for the children are innovative and dynamic. We have created learning environments that suits each stage of your child’s development.

Our Curriculum Program is based upon the Early Years Learning Framework philosophy, which is a holistic curriculum that supports each child to reach their full potential in all areas of life, by utilizing special teaching materials, a prepared environment and teachers who have been trained in the use of EYLF materials. We base much of our Curriculum upon our Children’s interests, Parent input ideas, and Community inspired events as well as Educators Primary Intended Teaching Topics.

In other words, due to these factors the focus of Our Curriculum Program can change, develop and mature whilst also ensuring that the children are developing the necessary key steps to move towards greater goals and achievements in their educational career! This flexibility allows for the wonderful spontaneity in our children to be encouraged!

A Home Away from Home!

Bright Beginnings Learning Centres have been designed from the start to provide a warm comfortable “home away from home” environment for our children.

The features incorporated in the design allow our children to play and learn in fun, educational and naturally lit rooms, as well as taking in to account the best working conditions for our Educators.

All our equipment is brand new and has been sourced from a specialist in early childhood and designed to provide a fun, educational and growing experience.

A video intercom system has been installed in all the rooms, to facilitate easy communications between guests the staff and eliminate the need to have carers leave their individual area.

Our Commitment to Health and Nutrition!

brightbeginings4Bright Beginnings Learning Centres only employs qualified Chef’s to ensure only the healthiest food is prepared for the children. We believe that a healthy adulthood starts in childhood. We promote this through our hands on cooking programs using all organic products with the children, as well as our intensive sports and fundamental movements programs. Bright Beginnings Learning Centres also teach the children yoga on a daily basis for all round physical and mental health!

All of our educators including our Chefs are trained in munch and move and all our Centre’s meet 100% compliance, implementation, understanding and practice of the national health and nutrition program – Munch and Move.

We provide appetising and nutritious food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, which provide at least 50% of your child’s recommended daily intake (RDI) of all nutrients. All meals are served with either milk or water.

We aim to include food from various cultures and welcome your suggestions. Our weekly menu is displayed in each classroom, which will also display the daily eating chart which you may check to see what your child has eaten each day. During our lunch meals, children and staff will eat together in a family atmosphere where setting-up and self- help skills are encouraged.

Health and Hygiene!

At Bright Beginnings Learning Centre, we endeavour to provide a clean environment to reduce the spread of germs. We aim to achieve this by regularly disinfecting all surfaces, equipment and by promoting the children’s awareness of the importance of health and hygiene. Educators will model and promote correct hand washing procedures during the day and we encourage families to also support their children. In addition, we expect all families to follow our health and hygiene procedures where applicable e.g. only changing a child’s nappy using the nappy changing mat and use the correct procedure to dispose of soiled nappies and disinfecting the nappy change mat.

We also aim to reduce the use of chemicals used in our cleaning routines and believe the most effective, safe and environmentally friendly option is to use hot soapy water. We have hygiene rules for our educators and for staff preparing food.


The Centre will maintain high levels of supervision of children at all times. Educators will position themselves where they can see all the children under their supervision, listen carefully to what is happening and know the children individually so they can anticipate their needs. Educators will join in the children’s play and encourage them to try new experiences.

Educators will also judge when children need an adult to facilitate play, to support and extend their play/ work and/ or will join in at the child’s request. Children will be regularly reminded of safety procedures for the fixed outdoor play equipment. Children will be encouraged to try new challenges as appropriate.

We operate according to the National Quality Framework and provide quality educators adhering to the ratios provided to ensure the highest quality supervision and care.

Sun Protection!

We ask all families to support us in ensuring that our children are adequately protected from the sun. The current recommendation from the Cancer Council is that sunscreen is applied 20 minutes prior to outside sun exposure. We ask that all families apply sunscreen at home prior to bringing your child to the centre and we will reapply our sunscreen during the course of the day. If your child has allergies to sunscreen, please supply us with your child’s sunscreen, clearly labeled. Your support is much appreciated. We also provide wide brimmed sun hats for all of our children, which you will receive on enrollment!

Our Commitment to the Environment!

brightbeginings5Bright Beginnings Learning Centre believes that it is our duty as Educators to teach the children and families about sustainability and to work in partnerships with our families and the community to build a more positive and sustainable future for our children.

We actively teach our children not only about recycling but also composting, worm farming, vegie growing and tree growing through our hands on sustainability program.

Were possible Bright Beginnings uses natural light in all of our classrooms through our oversized windows as well as a variety of natural resources.

We enjoy incorporating recyclable products into to our everyday Curriculum Program, teaching the children that not everything goes to waste and can be open to another use! Classroom projects across our Centres show the children using their creativity to reuse recyclable home products recycled by ourselves as well and our families who have brought them in for our benefit!

Our Commitment to Our Families and Communities!


Families are our biggest support. Their encouragement and any assistance, in whatever way; coming and reading stories to small group of children, collecting bits and pieces (such as magazines, dress up clothes, cultural pictures/ artefacts), help with fund raising, sharing insights into your cultural background, etc. would be invaluable assistance.

You are encouraged to become involved with the program of the Centre and your ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. We are always happy to have people come into the Centre with interesting things to show, sing, teach, make etc, especially activities of a multicultural nature.

We encourage regular and thorough discussion between families and carers. Our team appreciates discussing individual children with their families and will always make the time to be available.

Embracing our Communities!

Our service, the children, and their families are part of our larger community. We are open and supportive in our communication with others in the community, we welcome their ideas and views and we maintain positive relationships with them.

We are also partnered with our Local Schools and Libraries to provide quality education, not only through the knowledge of our experienced educators but also utilising the skills or those in the wider community!

From time to time we like to arrange walking excursions for the older children that enhance discussions we may be having or simply to provide an enjoyable community adventure. Excursions may vary from a walk around the block to the local fruit market or just going outside the centre to see the visiting fire engine. They are well organised and supervised experiences and every care is taken to ensure the safety of your child. Permission notes may be required and will be available when the situation arises.

We may also organise going to outings, which will reflect the children’s interests in conjunction with our program. We will be asking for permission prior to organising such as event as well as we will encourage families’ involvement. This is a good opportunity for families, staff and children to spend the day together as well as ensure that we can cover the higher staff to children ratio required for excursions.

Part of the program will also include a variety of visitors to the centre which we are sure the children will enjoy. These visitations will occur on a monthly basis so make sure to keep up with notices in the Parent Centre located in the Centre Foyer.

Peace of Mind!

A lot of parents experience feelings of uncertainty or guilt about leaving their child in care, and this is completely normal! But what we have found is that families of children in our care can relax in the reassurance that their children are happy, safe and are given the opportunity to learn and grow.

The experience your child gains from attending our service is invaluable as it sets a strong foundation for their development into adulthood.

You can trust that while your child is with us, they will feel safe and loved. They will have a great experience which enriches all areas of their development including their language social skills.

Saying Goodbye:

That first wave goodbye can be tough for parent and child alike. Separation anxiety is a natural response, but one that can be managed. It’s important to be aware that anxiety levels will vary depending on a child’s temperament as well as their age. Children are incredibly accepting of change and before long they’ll be running off without a backwards glance. But at first, successful settling requires a little prep work. If you’re upset your child will pick up on it, so you need to be confident yourself, and familiar with what’s to come.

Here are a few tips for the first day:

  • Depending on their age prepare your child by talking to them in advance, tell them where they will be going, what they will be doing.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes ahead of time so that you can help your child to settle into an activity before you have to head off to work. They are less likely to protest your departure if they are having fun and involved with an activity.

Ideas for saying goodbye:

  • Establish a goodbye routine, such as three kisses and a bear hug, high-fives or some other special gesture meaningful to your child.
  • Reassure your child that you (or another familiar adult) will be back to pick him up at a particular time, or after an event that your child understands, such as sleep or snack time.
  • Keep the goodbye brief. After your goodbye routine, gently but firmly say goodbye to your child. Lingering to comfort your upset child can sometimes prolong his distress and even make it worse.
  • Allow your child’s carer to gently lead him away to do something they enjoy.

Orientation and Settling in!

For many of our children this may be the first time they have experienced being separated from their families. And even if they have, it still takes a while to adjust to their new environment. Most children may suffer some anxiety upon leaving their family for the first few times, and we understand it’s also a difficult time for you. We’ll be there to build that special relationship with your little one as they discover what a fun place Bright Beginnings Learning Centre is to visit.

Some ways you can help your child to fast track this period are:

  • Bring your child to visit a few times before they start – so they are at the very least familiar.
  • Let staff know of your child’s special likes and dislikes.
  • If possible, initially leave your child for short periods only.
  • Be confident; anxious feelings will transfer to your child.
  • Ensure your child has their own security toy or object to cuddle.
  • Always say ‘good bye’ to your child, and reassure them that you will return, no matter what their age – and we recommend that once you have left not to re-enter the room as this may create confusion and greater distress.

Families are welcome to telephone during the day to check on your child’s progress!

Fee Assistance!

The Australian Government provides assistance to families to access our high quality centre though the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Tax Rebate (CCR).

Parents who elect to have their CCB reduction applied on a weekly basis will only be required to pay the remaining balance, (gap) of their weekly fee.

CCB subsidy may be available subject to a means test.

In addition the Child Care Tax Rebate (CCR) is a payment from the Government that helps working families with the cost of child care.

Parents may claim a 50% Child Care Tax Rebate (CCR) capped at $7,500 p.a. The rebate is not means tested but is not available to families that salary sacrifice their childcare fees.

Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 and your Accountant for further advice.

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