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Childcare, Preschool & Daycare in Wodonga

Every aspect of Bright Beginnings’ daycare and preschool nurseries has been carefully designed to provide the ideal learning space and programme for the designated age group. Both indoor and outdoor learnings and play areas are adapted to follow the children’s interests and abilities, delivering a truly personalised experience.
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Explore The Rooms – Bright Beginnings Daycare Wodonga

Bright Beginnings Childcare Center and Preschool Wodonga will enrol children from the age of just six weeks old right up to the age of  years old. Like our other facilities, we provide age-specific learning space for the different age segments of the children enrolled. In Wodonga, our childcare centre has five learning rooms, enabling us to divide children into five closely matched age groups and deliver age-specific learning programmes with indoor and outdoor play areas designed to meet the needs and aid the development of each specific age group.

6 weeks to 18 months

Our smallest children are grouped together in a learning room which ensures open spaces for easy navigation and exploration. Grouping our tiniest tots together ensures we can follow the routines each of these little ones are following at home and keep them in a safe, secure environment as they build their independence. The design of both indoor and outdoor learning and play areas are designed to build the sensory skills and confidence of the children during their earliest stage of development.

18 months to 3 years old

Our toddlers come together in a separate learning room, providing the ideal environment for these movers and shakers to actively experiment, create and build, learning to work in groups as well as building the confidence and independence to play on their own initiative.

The outdoor space for this age group are designed to introduce them to nature, with water, sand, mud and grass, providing open opportunity for toddlers to get to know the world around them.

3 to 4 years old

Our junior pre-schoolers learn together in their very own space, designed to their very specific learning needs. They are introduced to initial academic learning, opening up topics such as people, places, knowledge and technology, all while focusing on continuing to build their independence and their ability to work and play on their own and as part of groups effectively.

4 to 5 years old and 5 to 6 years old

Our elder pre-schoolers learn in their own space, which is designed and look and feel like a kindergarten, in order to properly prepare them for schooling. This group are exposed to more advanced areas of learning such as creative arts, writing, reflection area, dramatic play, and construction.

An Education Programme in Wodonga that delivers exceptional learning

To establish ourselves as the leading preschool and nursery Wodonga wide, Bright Beginnings go above and beyond “standard” education, delivering different forms of learnings through our curriculums which from our experience, lead to the development of more confident, creative and higher educated children.

We offer a creative arts curriculum which really helps to develop a child’s personality and enable them to express themselves. Through the delivery of expressive music and yoga, our children are also exposed at an early age to all genres of music which helps to teach acceptance of diversity and learn further ways to express themselves and look after their well-being.

Our sports curriculums provide opportunity for kids to explores various sporting activities, learn to work as a team and develop key skill which help to elevate sporting excellence. Our Spanish curriculum is one of the best-loved aspects of our learning programme, offering children aged 3 upwards to develop multilingual skills, earning songs, stories, phrases, the alphabet and numbers in Spanish.
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A New Era in Childcare Wodonga

Bright Beginnings already have established learning centres of excellence in Hurstville, Bexley and Glendenning. Those state-of-the-art learning facilities have built a solid reputation for their exceptional development of young children, focusing on providing age-specific resources and learning spaces.

Such is the success of our 3 centres in Australia, and with incredible demand for a similar high-grade facility in Wodonga, we have finally moved ahead to open our next childcare centre in White Box Rise. Just like our 3 current facilities, our reputation for delivering the highest standard of childcare and learning has meant that places in our new facility in Wodonga will be subject to a waiting list, given the incredible level of interest from parents wishing to enrol their children.

Comprehensive Child Care in Wodonga

As the leading Wodonga preschool, we even have a curriculum developed specifically to enhancing school readiness and transition into primary school, ensuring that our children have a more positive start to primary school, equipped with pre-knowledge and learnings of subjects and familiarity with a school environment. Book a tour at Wodonga, or any of our other centers around Sydney such as Koogarah or Bexley.

  • All meals, nappies, sunscreen and bedding provided
  • Care available for children aged between 6 weeks to 6 years
  • Purpose built facilities to create a nurturing environment
  • Readiness program for smooth transition to primary education
  • Wide range of activities to stimulate your child’s learning
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Take A Look Inside Our Centres That Are Specifically Designed To Stimulate Your Child’s Learning

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Your Child Will Love Our Friendly, Experienced Educators

At Bright Beginnings, we believe in finding the best and most devoted educators. We aim to provide a high level of care and education for each and every child, which is why we go to great lengths to attract and retain high-quality educators.

Our staff are selected not only because of their impressive experience and qualifications, but also because of their caring and compassionate nature. This way, we ensure every child feels safe and nurtured. You’ll rest easy knowing your little one is in the hands of experts who genuinely care for them.

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A Safe And Happy Environment For Your Child To Thrive

We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to your child, which is why we focus on creating a fun and warm atmosphere your child will love! You won’t have to feel guilty leaving your child in our care because they will be part of a caring environment where they meet and make new friends with other youngsters.
Our learning centres are specially designed to give them everything they need while you are busy at work

  • Time with peers to build social skills
  • Care available from 7 am - 6 pm
  • Experienced and qualified team of educators
  • Five learning centres around Sydney
  • App to track your child’s progress

Stay Connected With Your Child’s Learning Progress With Our App - Designed Specially For Busy Parents

Family is at the core of who we are. We believe family is everything, which is why we like to encourage families to be involved in their children’s learning experience.

We provide a customised app to help you stay connected with your child while they are at our learning centre. Simply download it to your smartphone and you can follow child’s progress, learning and adventures. The app is specially created for parents to help build rich memories of your children that will last a lifetime.

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Our Locations

17 Ainsley Avenue Glendenning Ph: 9677 1111
8 Mimosa Street Bexley Ph: 9593 0930
1 Shackel Avenue Old Guildford Ph: 9632 1122
143 Victoria Cross Parade Wodonga Ph: 1300 516 622
95 Southern Cross Drive Middleton Grange Ph: 9721 2020

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We know choosing the right childcare centre is a big decision, so we’re inviting you to come in for a free, guided tour to experience our amazing facilities! You’ll see us in action and meet our dedicated team of qualified educators.

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In this free tour, you’ll discover …

  • How our dedicated staff and signature school readiness program will help your child reach their full potential and be primary education ready!
  • A complete and guided tour of any of our 5 centres and an opportunity to meet and chat with our dedicated team of educators, so you feel comfortable with us and confident you are leaving your child in capable hands!
  • An awesome, super cool Kids Fun Pack for your child which includes back pack, drink bottle, plush bear + more. Free for your child to keep forever with our compliments!

This offer is strictly for a limited time and places will fill up FAST. So act now and secure a place for your child in one of our amazing learning centres!

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