Here at Bright Beginnings Learning Centre Bexley, we have three individualised classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with State of the Art resources focused on the age of the children and their developmental needs! With fresh natural sunlight and wide open learning spaces, the children have an opportunity to learn, grow and develop freely and comfortably.

Bexley Bright Beginnings Learning Centre – Explore our Classrooms!

Welcome to the Turtles Room! – 6 weeks old to 18 months old


Our Turtles Room is home to the youngest children in the centre. It features smaller furniture to make accommodate for their size as well as a combination of large open spaces and smaller learning spaces. This enables the children to crawl around freely and learn to walk in a safe environment. Our smaller spaces are set out in a way that is conducive to learning, and the staff can carefully observe and focus on each child’s individual development.

In the Turtles Room we provide nurturing loving care to our children as we establish and build relationships with them. We also follow the children’s individual routines to make sure that their day is kept constant with your routine at home. This helps during the transition period into beginning care as well as to make sure their needs are met at all times.

In this room, we adopt an educator to child ratio of 1:4


Welcome to the Chameleon’s Room! – 18 months to 3 years old


Our Chameleons Room is the home to our toddlers. The room offers the children a variety of learning spaces which are adapted to suit the children’s interests. The Chameleons room is a place to experiment, create and build. It has been designed to allow the children to explore their independence and self-help skills, with areas for group learning as well as space for one to one learning opportunities.

In the Chameleons Room this is the where our little ones are finding their feet and becoming more independent as their personalities grow and Our Routine in this room is molded around the child’s needs as well as an early learning development curriculum based upon the Early Years Learning Framework! This is a transition room preparing children for higher learning in the school prep room! This is where the stepping stones are followed to ensure that the children are reaching their highest potential before moving forward to more intense learning strategies! This is where the fundamental skills are picked up and also where the very important Toilet Training happens!

In this room, we adopt an educator to child ratio of 1:5


Welcome to the Dinosaur’s Room! – 3 years to 5 years old


Our Dinosaurs Room is home to our junior preschoolers. This room includes a variety of play spaces which allow the children to connect with people, places, knowledge and technology. The room experiences as well as one to one learning opportunities. We place a strong emphasis on child engagement and modify our teaching practices to suit the individual needs of the child.

In the Dinosaurs Room this is where the Einstein magic happens! This is our School Prep Room where we focus on the essential skills the children need to gain before they go into Primary School Education! This room is split into two learning groups, our 3-4’s and our Preps, the 4-5’s. We have an intense School Readiness Program which is divided between the two age groups and set in motion to ensure that all the children’s individual needs are met. This is followed on a daily basis. We have an interactive white board which we use especially for our Jolly Phonics Program, Name recognition and sight word revision! This is also a great way to prepare for future learning as these are also used in schools! We are also a Licensed Alpha Tykes Facility, accredited to teach Early Learning Spanish to our Youngsters from the age of 2!

In this room, we adopt an educator to child ratio of 1:10.



Why choose BBLC Bexley

At Bright Beginnings we believe that ongoing training and reflection is of upmost importance to enable them to continuously provide the highest quality educational curriculum for your children. This is why once a month all our educators attend training sessions, held after hours at the Centre as well as monthly reflective meetings, to ensure we only deliver best practices in all areas. The educators are always given the opportunity to grow and have consistent ongoing support. We also love to get together and have staff outing each month which allows up to grow as a team and connect as a family! We then bring that connection and family feeling within our centre and apply it to our children and families!

Our Educational Program!

  • Creative Arts Curriculum
    Our creative arts curriculum is designed to allow children to express their thoughts and let their imaginations shine through exploring an endless array of both natural and processed resources, whilst beginning to understand how patterns and symbols are connected and work.
  • Expressive Music & Yoga
    Our expressive music component is designed to educate and expose children to all genres of music, including classical, jazz, rock, and children’s. Through our music children can express their ideas and make meaning using a range of media, as well as learn to respond to diversity with respect.Our yoga component is designed to educate children how to take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical well-being in a fun, relaxing way.
  • Sports Curriculum
    Our sports curriculum is designed to teach the children the fundamental skills needed for future sports heroes including running, hoping, galloping and ball skills. Through this our children also develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.
  • Spanish Curriculum
    Our Spanish curriculum starts from the age of 3 and teaches the children the core phrases. Taught on a daily basis the children engage in a range of songs, stories, learn the alphabet and numbers in Spanish. This also enables the children to develop their emerging autonomy, interdependence, resilience and sense of agency.
  • School readiness/Transition curriculum
    Our school readiness program has been designed with, approved and highly recommended by our local schools. Our program starts from two years old to ensure all our children become confident and involved learners. Our program consists of many components including number work, writing, shapes and colours, however our school readiness program goes beyond and includes a reading eggs program, school transitions and magic lunch box component
  • Extra-Curricular activities

    Within Multisports the children learn how to understand movement and a fundamental understanding of how four key sports are played Soccer, Basketball, Netball and Footy. They learn timing and spatial awareness, enjoy themselves in a warm, friendly and fun environment. Little Champions deliver these multisport classes to around 60 centres in Sydney each week and provide an understanding of how key sports are played and the fundamental skills involved. This class is provided on Tuesdays.

    -Happy Feet Fitness

    They Love what they do and they know Your Child will too. There classes are interactive themed adventure classes which are packed full of original music, magic, amazing costumes, games and laughter, it’s actually hard to believe that the children are learning so much in this class. Taking the concept of play based learning to another level, Happy Feet Fitness prides itself on delivering educational content, positive reinforcement and social development skills in a super fun and exciting class format. This class is provided on Wednesdays.

    -Connect Kids Yoga

    The classes foster positivity for the “whole” child, encouraging their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.  We hope you’ve had some great feedback from your Educators and children. Within these classes they are continuing to make a positive difference and help create calm, happy, healthy, little minds and bodies. This class is provided on Thursdays.

Our Location

8 Mimosa Street Bexley, NSW 2761

7:30 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Friday


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